Learn amharic – useful and helpful sentences

engl amh
a coffee please buna efelegalhu
Bless you Yimareh;-ish (m,f)
Excuse me Yikirta
good afternoon endemn walk
good evening endemn ameshe
good morning endemn aderk, adersh, aderachu (m, f, pl)
hello tenaistelle
hello (answer back) abro yistelin
How endemn
I don’t know inja
I don’t know alawkm
I don’t speak amharic amarigna alchillim
I want this Yihenin efelegalhu
it’s me (answer)! ene negne!
My name is Max Sime Max
no ay/ aydelim
Please Ibakh, -ish (m,f)
Thank you very much betam amaseginalhu
Thanks Amaseginalhu
thanks yanureh, yanurish (m, f)
The bill please hisab amtaligh, amichligh (m,f)
what do you want minde tasses
What is this? Minde new yihe?
where can I find a minibus minibus yet new magenjo
who is it? man new?
yes awo
everything’s fine? ulum selam new
are you married? agbtehal, agbteshal (m, f)
thanks egizer yistelin (amaseginalehugh)
i love you affekrahalu, affekrashalhu (m, f)
i like you ewedihalhu, ewedishalhu (m,f)
are you fine? dehnaneh/-esh (m,f)
Yes I’m fine awo dehna negne
how do you do endemin allachu
are you present? allachu?
that is a nice name konjo sim new
you are a little angel (to kids) anchi tinish meleak (f)
your house is beautiful baetish/baetih konjo new (f, m)

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